Folx Pro for MAC

Folx Pro for MAC

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Download with Folx instead of your web browser:

Folx can split your downloads in multiple threads, thus it is much faster. You also have an option to adjust the download and upload speed in Folx and prioritize the most important downloads by just dragging them to the top of the queue. Auto-resuming of your downloads is available, which is rather useful if you went offline, the website was down, etc.


Forget about the mess by tagging your downloads:

Among lots of downloads it can be not easy to find the needed files sometimes. By tagging your downloads you instruct Folx to save them to corresponding folders. An unlimited number of tags can be assigned to one download and you can set up the automatic tagging for certain download tasks. Whenever you need to find the downloaded content, just look into your main downloads folder and follow the familiar tags structure - there's even no need to launch Folx! Folx also offers you smart groups creation out of your downloads according to the parameters you choose up to your convenience.


Send downloaded music and videos to iTunes automatically

Thanks to integration of Folx with iTunes all downloaded music and videos can automatically go to iTunes playlists named the same as the tag assigned to those downloads.


Download files attached to RSS feeds

In Folx you have a great possibility to add an RSS feed and download attachments from it. Folx PRO allows you to automate this process. I.e. if you added an RSS channel of a torrent tracker and specified the name of your favorite TV show, as soon as the new episode is on tracker, Folx will download it automatically.


Search for torrents directly from Folx:

If you use Folx PRO as a torrent client you don't have to browse through multiple torrent trackers searching for particular file. Folx has wide list of torrent trackers' URLs inside and once you enter the keywords in Folx it will search through all of them and provide you with convenient list of results.


Download even faster

Use PRO version of Folx as the download accelerator for Mac - Folx PRO can split downloads in up to ten threads, which can help significantly increase the download speed.


Schedule the download tasks

In Folx PRO you can schedule the downloads and define Folx exiting behavior when downloading is finished: whether system will shut down, switch to sleeping mode or Folx will just quit.

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