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Subscribing online at PremiumInRupees is safe! At PremiumInRupees, we are committed to providing you a secure online experience. Below are a few things we have put in place, to make you feel comfortable and secure while shopping online.

As a consumer, there a few things you need to check out before you start transacting online:

1. Find out more details about the company, background and people you are dealing with. Typically, this will be given in a section called "About Us". (read a Brief Profile on PremiumInRupees).

2. You must have a method by which you can get in touch with the relevant people at online stores over phone, fax, email, using live chat or in person. (How can I get in touch with PremiumInRupees?)

3. See if the web store offers a "Privacy Policy" where they commit to safeguard your personal details and not just rent or lease them out to any third party company. Such a privacy policy indicates a long term commitment to customers instead of a fly-by-night approach. (The PremiumInRupees Privacy Policy)

4. Before you submit credit card details, make sure you do so over secure links. (PremiumInRupees offers secure links indicating usage of encryption technologies like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to prevent third party access of the data while it is in transit over the web).

5. When you use your card in physical outlets / stores, you leave behind your credit card number on the charge slips. (To prevent others from merely using this number, PremiumInRupees insists that consumers also enter the CVV (Credit Verification Value), while entering credit card details. This number is typically available only at the back of your credit card number, to ensure that the person entering the card number has the physical plastic with him/her).

In cases where you are using direct savings bank account debits, you always get connected to the web site of the bank directly, which means you are submitting your account details to the bank and not to the merchant (PremiumInRupees).

When you use Citibank credit cards or Citibank Suvidha, you can also enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) for authentication and increased security.

6. Does the company have a returns policy? If the delivered material is faulty or defective, is there a procedure for you to seek replacement? How does it work? (Read through the PremiumInRupees Returns and Refunds Policy).

With a few simple checks like this, you can now relax and enjoy the benefits of shopping online.

We now invite you to try out online shopping at PremiumInRupees - India's finest virtual supermarket.

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